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Business Overview

Based in Perth, Australia, we provide a diverse array of language solutions. Our core expertise lies in document translation, spanning over 40 languages globally, with a specialized emphasis on Japanese. In addition to language-centric services like interpreting, proofreading, and online tutoring, we also offer comprehensive business consulting for individuals seeking to establish ventures in Japan. Don't hesitate to reach out to us in English or Japanese for tailored support and guidance.

Our Services

  • Document Translations
  • NAATI Certified Translations
  • Proofreading by a Native Speaker
  • Audio Transcriptions
  • Interpreting Services

Four Key Features of Our Language Services

Multilingual Support

We specialize in Japanese translation services, while also offering expertise in other Asian languages such as Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, as well as over 40 languages worldwide, including European languages.


Our translations are not done by machine; they are all done manually by human translators. Moreover, for major languages such as English, Chinese, and Korean, we implement a double-check system to ensure high-quality translations.

A wide range of fields and document types

We provide translation services for a wide range of fields and document types, including personal documents, business documents, various certificates, training materials, manuals, contracts, marketing content, academic papers, patents, medical documents, and more.

Reliable post-delivery support

We promptly handle any inquiries or uncertainties after the delivery of translated documents. In cases where revisions are requested, we can accommodate them at no additional charge in most instances.

  • Business Consulting Services for the Japanese Market
  • Japanese Language Online Tutoring Service
  • Consultation regarding studying in Japan and middle/high school entrance exams

Tailored Recommendations: Perfect for You!

Discovering Your Next Business Venture in Japan

  • We are interested in exploring opportunities to sell your products/services in Japan.
  • We are considering reaching out to a specific company in Japan, but we're uncertain about their willingness to engage directly with a foreign company.
  • We seek assistance in conducting market research due to our limited expertise, anticipating enhanced insights through Japanese-language research.
  • We aim to gather relevant information regarding the reception of our products/services in Japan.

Developing Japanese Proficiency as a Personal Skill

  • I want to learn Japanese because it's necessary for business.
  • I would like assistance with Japanese language learning support for Year 11, 12, TAFE, university, and other educational settings.
  • I can converse in Japanese but struggle with reading and writing, and I want to overcome this.
  • I simply have a personal interest in Japanese and want to learn it.

Exploring Education Options in Japan

  • Due to relocation to Japan, I would like to learn about the education system for my children.
  • I would like to gather information about the schools in the specific local area.
  • I want to know about cram schools (Gakushu Juku).
  • I want to learn about Japanese language schools attended by foreigners in Japan.

In all of the services mentioned above, we begin with a counseling session to determine the best solution for you before proceeding. Please feel free to consult us about any other language-related concerns you may have. Our consultations are free of charge.